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What am I doing?

That question goes a lot of ways for me right now. Most importantly, though, it means I need to figure out exactly what I am trying to accomplish in creating this proposed school. So why create it? What for? I think I covered a lot of that in the first post I did, laying out how I came to consider this undertaking. But what, specifically, am I trying to accomplish?

I want to help make citizens.

I knew almost from the beginning what the school I dreamed of would be called: The Freeman Academy. Not named for any man or woman named Freeman, but named because it would give an education fit for a free people. The modern state school doesn’t produce citizens, it produces subjects. We’re taught to obey, to take orders, to be accustomed to a totally predictable life laid out in numbers and rows. It’s a system made for a time and place and culture alien to ours as Americans – built in corporatism, heavy industry, and central planning. It’s not a system or an education for the freewheeling and risky world of the creator, the small businessman, the inventor, or even the freethinking middle manager (yes they exist, I’ve met them).

I pondered on what I wanted to do, wanting to home in on my core purpose. I threw out a lot of things that weren’t as important, some things that were means instead of ends, some that were just bad ideas. Finally I had this:

The Freeman Academy seeks to produce citizens who are better prepared to manage their personal affairs effectively and participate in public affairs responsibly. We pursue this goal by improving access to quality education based upon the classical liberal arts curriculum.

Ultimately that is what I want to accomplish; everything else is details. Figuring out the details starts now.


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