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The Lost Tools

I will have another post up later today with some thoughts on The Great Conversation and hopefully further thoughts on the creation of a curriculum for the Freedom Academy. While working on the curriculum issue, I came across an essay that I had to share with all six of my readers. 🙂 The Lost Tools of Learning was presented at Oxford in 1947 by one Dorothy Sayers. It is a long one, about eight thousand words, but very worth the time to read. A little research turned up the fact that the essay has been very influential; I had never heard of it before.

Part of the essay lays out a fantastic general curriculum based on the liberal arts. I love the way she designed it, but I’m not sure it can be applied as is for what I’m trying to accomplish. The reasons why get into things I haven’t discussed on the blog yet, issues of how to arrange and carry out the teaching. The teaching method she describes seems to require a teacher in a classroom with the students. I have no objection to that, but that limits you to a particular time and place, which is part of what I’m trying to get around. I’ll post soon about her suggestions in more depth, after I go through my initial thought process on curriculum. For now, take a few minutes and go read Ms. Sayers’ remarks.


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